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Funeral Services

Traditional Funeral Services

The most common of services where the night before the funeral there would be a ‘viewing’ generally in the evening with the coffin open and a short service is conducted. The following day, the main service is held either in the chapel of our funeral home or in a church, chosen by the family. The funeral consists of scripture readings, prayers, a eulogy, sometimes a sermon and maybe music. After the funeral there is a procession to the cemetery or crematorium, for a committal service. There is often a wake to follow at either the church hall, the family’s home or a condolence hall which concludes the service.

Committal Service

The Committal Service is a brief service at the gravesite after a tradition funeral service but prior to the burial. This is where family and friends say their final good byes at the final resting place by placing flowers or sometimes sand on the casket. If the committal service is the only service then it becomes what we call a grave side service and is accompanied by a visitation the night before. The grave side service is a more lengthy service consisting of scripture readings, a eulogy, poetry and music.

Modern Cremation

The service is held at the crematorium of choice by the family and then followed by the cremation. The service can be either religious consisting of scripture readings, prayers, a eulogy or a civil service with poetry, songs, music and words of remembrance, spoken either by a family member or a celebrant.


A Memorial Service is when the loved one is not present and may take place at the funeral home, the families’ home, a church, or even outdoors. This is a time to remember your loved one through fellowship with friends and family. The memorial service can also be an addition to a traditional funeral service. Otherwise, a memorial service can be done after a burial or cremation if this meets the needs of the family.

No Service No Attendance Cremation

This service is when there is no funeral service and the deceased is transported to a crematorium. The cremated remains are placed in an urn and given to the family to be either buried, placed in a niche, or be taken home.


For those whose wish is to be buried in their place of birth or have passed away whilst overseas, we work hand in hand with all parties involved to secure all the relevant documents, as well as to ensure preparations are carried out to meet both countries Health Department guidelines. Euro Funeral Services specialises in international repatriation with many years of experience in this field. Families are assured that their loved one is repatriated back to his or her home country and into the care of a trusted and reputable local funeral director.